family_pics_004SmallThe Golden Gala celebrating the 50th annual luncheon hosted by The Lady of Charity of Austin profits were donated to St Louise House. The picture was taken at our January meeting. In the picture is Barbara Broering ,Chairperson of the Golden Gala; Sharon Bieser, Director of St Louise House: Sr. J.T. Dwyer D.C. Sister Moderator; Anna Lafuente, President of Ladies of Charity; Rev. Matthew Iwuji, Spiritual Advisor.

Nuns on the Bus

For more than 10 yrs. the US Catholic Bishops have been working to get legislation passed in Washington that would reform our very broken immigration system. Recently the Senate Committee with jurisdiction over immigration reform passed and sent to the full Senate for debate a bill that would reform the immigration system in a comprehensive way.

It is important that citizens increase their knowledge of this issue. To that end, NETWORK  – the Catholic Social Justice Lobby in Washington founded by Catholic Sisters more than 40 yrs. ago – is touring 16 states to call attention to this legislation and help citizens better understand issues related to Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

The Ladies of Charity of the USA Advocacy Agenda is tied to the USCCB agenda – Comprehensive Immigration Reform is one of the Bishops’ major issues. The NUNS ON THE BUS  where here in Austin in June to promote Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Not all could attend the event, but all can pray for a successful outcome.

Guest Speaker

Nancy Ellis: Direct Service Volunteer Coordinator for Caritas of Austin shared with members the history and success of the organization because of the many volunteers. Nancy told about the Ladies of Charity founding Caritas in 1964 with the first soup kitchen in Austin. It continue today as a non-profit organization that serves 20,000 homeless, working poor and documented refugees in Travis County.

The Royal Blue Tote Project

The royal blue tote project was developed to promote awareness of the Ladies of Charity of Austin. To support this project a donation of $2 or more can be made to the any Lady of Charity member.

If you have a project to assist the poor please consider using a royal blue tote.

The St. Vincent de Paul Store

The St. Vincent de Paul Store is currently a Vincentian Family partnership between the Ladies of Charity of Austin and Society of St. Vincent de Paul .

The Ladies first opened a thrift store in 1952. Later joined by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Today the store is located at 1327 S. Congress Ave. Austin TX. To volunteer and/or make a donation contact the store manage at 512 442 5652.


“Serving Those in Need in Our Community”