Donation to The Seton Fund

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Annual Christmas Luncheon

The highlight of our Christmas Season!

The highlight of our Christmas Season!

The Golden Gala

family_pics_004SmallThe Golden Gala celebrating the 50th annual luncheon hosted by The Lady of Charity of Austin profits were donated to St Louise House. The picture was taken at our January meeting. In the picture is Barbara Broering ,Chairperson of the Golden Gala; Sharon Bieser, Director of St Louise House: Sr. J.T. Dwyer D.C. Sister Moderator; Anna Lafuente, President of Ladies of Charity; Rev. Matthew Iwuji, Spiritual Advisor.

The Royal Blue Tote Project

The royal blue tote project was developed to promote awareness of the Ladies of Charity of Austin. To support this project a donation of $2 or more can be made to the any Lady of Charity member.

If you have a project to assist the poor please consider using a royal blue tote.