Membership in the Ladies of Charity is open to all women interested in making their lives and the lives of others more meaningful by sharing their time and talent with those who need them.

For more information about attending our meetings, please visit our Events page or contact us for more information.

Types of Membership


Active Catholic members shall have all the rights and privileges of the LOC beginning with the date of investiture.  Each active member is expected to attend the general meetings and perform 4 hours of approved charitable work or prayers each month.


Associate Catholic members shall have limited right and privileges (no vote).  They will not be called upon for meeting attendance or regular charitable works but do have an obligation to pray for the Association.  Associate members are encouraged to attend meetings when they can and to contribute works when they are able.


Participating members are women of other faith who may become Ladies of Charity according to the approval of the Board of Directors.  They are encouraged to attend meetings and to participate in the works of the LOC.  Participating members are not eligible to vote


Application for Membership
in the Ladies of Charity Austin
"The Confraternity of the Ladies of Charity sprang from God in order to honor Our Lord Jesus Christ as the Source and Model of all Charity."
Name of referring LOC member